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Desirable Properties of an ideal Refrigerant


The refrigerant is a heat carrying medium which during their cycles (i.e. compression, condensation, expansion, evaporation) in the refrigeration system absorb heat from a low temperature system and discard the heat so absorbed to a higher temperature system.

Desirable Properties of an ideal Refrigerant 

01. Thermodynamic Properties:
               (i) Low boiling point
              (ii) Low freezing point
             (iii) Positive pressures (but not very high) in condenser and evaporator.
             (iv) High saturation temperature
              (v) High latent heat of vapourization

02. Chemical Properties:
               (i) Non-toxicity
              (ii) Non-flammable and non-explosive
             (iii) Non-corrosiveness
             (iv) Chemical Stability in reacting
              (v) No effect on the quality of stored (food and other) products

03. Physical Properties:
               (i) Low specific volume of vapour
              (ii) Low specific heat
             (iii) High thermal conductivity
             (iv) Low viscosity
              (v) High electrical insulation

04. Others Properties:
               (i) Ease of leakage location
              (ii) Availability and low cost
             (iii) Ease of handling
             (iv) High COP
              (v) Low power consumption per tonne of refrigeration
             (vi) Low pressure ratio and pressure difference


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