Basics of Mechanical Engineering


PGCB Written Exam Questions for Mechanical Engineers (2011)

  1. Write 5 desirable properties of coal fired power plant
  2. What is cooling tower? Draw a schematic diagram of a cooling tower.
  3. What HHV & LHV ? What is the full name of HFO & HSD?
  4. Write the chemical action taken in feed water in power plant.
  5. Draw the Brayton - Rankine combined cycle power plant. Show topping & bottoming cycle in the diagram.
  6. Draw schematic diagram of air standard gas turbine with regeneration, show T-S diagram.
  7. Draw the isometric view 
  8. A quick rental power plant has the following data, determine i) load factor, ii) capacity factor.
  9. A high pressure steel cylindrical vessel  has inner diameter 2020 mm, internal pressure 300 MPa, wall thickness 10 mm. determine the hoop stress and longitudinal stress.
  10. A centrifugal pump has motor efficiency 60%, it takes electrical power 10 KW, flow rate= 100 m3/h. What is the head of the pump?
  11. A steel furnace has its thermal conductivity 310 W/mK, it has layer of insulation of 30 W/mK, wall thickness 40 mm, inner temperature 980oC & outside temperature 4oC. What is the heat transfer through the wall per unit m2?
  12. A underground engine has 3000cc of 4 cylinder. The bore & strokes are same. What is the diameter of the cylinder?

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